Away From The Ordinary

Away from the Ordinary, a luxury Scottish travel-experience provider, has evolved over the last six months and are now offering a range of bespoke digital whisky tastings.

The Owner and CEO, Aeneas O’Hara, who formerly hosted in-person tastings, now specialises in virtual whisky experiences. Similar to the Away from the Ordinary Scotland itineraries, the tastings are fully tailored to match the needs of individual clients. The tastings can be focused solely on whisky, or they can include decadent cheese and whisky pairings, or for those who are more inclined towards something sweet, sumptuous chocolate and whisky combinations.

More than just an enjoyable culinary experience, these digital tastings are about bringing a touch of Scottish hospitality and warmth in to people’s homes. They are ideal for colleagues, friends, or families, who are in different locations, and are looking for a way to connect and enjoy a special experience together.

The carefully curated whiskies are sent to each attendee’s home ahead of the event. Aeneas then talks through the whiskies via Zoom, at a chosen date and time. The tastings tend to be convivial and conversational; always personalised to the wants of the attendees, and pitched so that everyone can enjoy.

For more details and bookings, please get in touch via the Away from the Ordinary Website

Away From The Ordinary was founded by Aeneas O’Hara and was born out of his passion for sharing the incredible places of his home country and creating luxury holidays in Scotland. Growing up in the remote Highlands of Scotland, and living in London and New York, Aeneas has the rare gift of having an unprecedented on-the-ground network and an understanding of what luxury travel means to the discerning traveller.

Vacations are becoming increasingly precious and people no longer want the generic, one-size-fits-all approach. Through Aeneas’ personal network, clients are offered exclusive access to Scottish experiences you cannot get anywhere else.

Some of the recent and varied adventures offered by Away From The Ordinary have included a private dinner for two in a 15th century castle, a helicopter ride to remote whisky distilleries and an after-hours, candle-lit tour of a Scottish national art gallery. As travel designers, it all starts with a conversation to get to know a client’s style and what excites them. Luxury means different things to different people — some will be really happy in a Michelin-starred restaurant, others will prefer cooking over an open fire on the beach. The one thing every trip has in common is that it will be uniquely tailored and cannot be found in any guidebook.

Creating a personalised vacation with Away From The Ordinary means relaxing in the knowledge that the trip will be an authentic experience curated by a Scottish expert. Let Away From The Ordinary curate your adventure holiday in Scotland, so that you can relax and luxuriate in the best that the country has to offer.

Visit the Away From The Ordinary Website to learn more.

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