5 Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Our lives should be enhanced by our experiences, and the way we travel matters. Spending more quality time with loved ones, closing that all-important deal at a last minute meeting, and enjoying life with as little stress as possible are among the many reasons more people are turning to private jet travel.

Flying commercially for many is becoming less appealing, with overstretched services, crowded terminals and restrictive rules making for an unpleasant travel experience. Flying by private jet offers comfort, discretion, flexibility and convenience that you simply won’t find anywhere else. 

Private jet travel grants you more privacy and luxury than major airports and commercial airlines. With a wealth of benefits, a private jet charter allows you to indulge and truly enjoy your time spent in the air. 

While you may be thinking of chartering for the first time to escape crowds or avoid the uncertainty synonymous with commercial flights, there are a host of other benefits to private jet travel.

private jet travel

Save precious time

Commercial travel inevitably reduces productivity, caused by unnecessary layovers, tedious security procedures, and unsatisfactory flying conditions. While commercial flights are perceived to be less expensive, they will cost you precious time, which for many is much more valuable than money. 

The goal when travelling should not just be to reach your destination, but to maximise the value of every single minute. Forget long wait times and congested airports. When travelling by private jet, simply arrive at a private terminal 15 minutes before your departure time for a seamless and enjoyable flying experience.

Amongst time savings, travelling by private jet has another practical advantage. Private jets are able to access smaller airports that are inaccessible to commercial airlines, and take direct routes to your desired destination. Onboard a private aircraft, passengers are able to fly more efficiently and land closer to where they need to be.  

All the disadvantages of flying simply don’t exist with private charters.

Unrivalled convenience and flexibility

The real luxury when choosing to fly private is the ability to schedule flights according to your needs and schedule. 

Private jet travel allows you to be the master of your own time. Able to accommodate last-minute changes to the route or passenger list, your aircraft will even wait if you’re stuck in traffic and running a few minutes late. With no time-consuming layovers or connecting flights, flying private guarantees you the luxury to travel wherever, and whenever, best suits you. 

If you need to visit several locations within a short time-frame, such as for business meetings or when shooting film and TV productions, multi-destinations trips can be arranged with private jet and helicopter charters. Choosing to fly private means the schedule is tailored to work around you, rather than you working around the schedule of a commercial airline. 

private jet interior

Stress-free travel

While first class passengers may enjoy access to exclusive lounges and faster check-in services, they still cannot avoid busy terminals, security queues and lengthy walks to departure gates. They are not only at the mercy of the airline, but of other passengers as they wait for them to embark before take-off.

By contrast, private jet passengers are greeted at FBOs, where all check-in requirements and luggage are taken care of. Seamless and unobtrusive security checks will be made, and guests will be in the air minutes following their arrival. Holidays and business trips can start as they mean to go on, streamlined and relaxed as possible. 

An added benefit of flying private, the probability of your luggage being lost is non-existent. You are in direct contact with your aircraft crew and can collect your luggage the minute you exit the plane. 

Travelling by private jet also means there are no risks of children wandering off, accidentally losing personal belongings, or having your flight cancelled while you sit in the departure lounge. 

cat on private jet looking out the window

Superior onboard experience

Flying privately makes the most of your valuable time, granting you the privacy, convenience and freedom to choose who you share the aircraft with. Passengers are able to hold confidential meetings without prying eyes, or indulge in personal conversations with the entire plane to themselves. Many private aircraft interiors boast first-class cabin designs, with flexible configurations and state of the art technology to remain connected throughout the flight. 

Extending beyond family, friends and colleagues, pets are also able to join you onboard and experience the luxury and comfort of private jet travel. Pets are not restricted to the cargo hold, and can join passengers in the cabin with every experience tailored to their needs.

Most private jets also have greater luggage capacity for larger items, and are generally less strict on weight and size than commercial airlines. Passengers can travel with their own sport equipment, such as golf clubs and skis for example, without paying additional baggage fees. This only leads to a better experience at your destination as you tee off with your handcrafted clubs, rather than hiring from the golf club. 

private jet aircraft on runway

Attentive service

The exclusivity of private jet travel begins the moment you enquire about a charter with jetlogic. We know how important it is to many of our clients that they speak to a real person, which is why a dedicated Flight Manager will communicate with you throughout your charter experience. 

Your Flight Manager is on-hand 24/7 to assist with your travel plans, and are focused on accommodating your needs and preferences so you can enjoy a level of service and personalisation you won’t find anywhere else. With access to a wide range of aircraft and guaranteed worldwide availability, we will always find the perfect charter solution for you. 

Private charter experiences are uniquely tailored to you. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, your favourite food and drink, along with decorations can all be arranged to start your holiday in an unforgettable way.

Worldwide charter solutions

Let jetlogic take your travel experiences to new heights in 2024. Our knowledgeable team is on-hand to arrange your next charter, be it for business or leisure, to take you where you want to go, when you want to go there.

For all your global travel needs, jetlogic is here to improve your flight experience with unparalleled comfort, luxury, and complete privacy. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

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