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Flying with Pets on Private Jet in 2023

The best way to travel with your pet in 2023 to ensure they are comfortable, happy and safe, is by private jet charter. Flying with pets on a private jet guarantees safety and peace of mind for both pets and their owners. 

Your four-legged friend deserves the highest level of care, especially during stressful situations such as flying. Pets are our family, not cargo after all. The jetlogic team is committed to providing the same first class in-flight experience for every client onboard, including your furry and feathered companions, making sure you all arrive at your destination without any stress. 

Don’t let your pet miss out on the adventure, and bring your companion with you to explore the world by your side in 2023 with jetlogic. 

Improve the wellbeing of your pet by flying private

One of the greatest benefits to flying with pets on private charters is that, unlike on commercial airlines, you are not restricted to flying with your pets in a cargo hold.

Transporting pets on commercial aircraft frequently requires them to be stored in a cage with the cargo for the duration of a flight. This is often  a traumatic experience for any animal to go through. The alternative of putting your pet into boarding while you travel means they are left alone in an unfamiliar place, which can also be distressing. 

As pet owners ourselves, at jetlogic we understand the important role pets play in our family. The luxury of travelling with your beloved pet with you in the cabin allows you to keep an eye on them and ensure they receive the best care during the flight.

A tailor-made flying experience for you and your pet is one of the great advantages of flying private with jetlogic. Your pet can enjoy a stroll before boarding, where all their needs will be taken care of, and will stay by your side the entire time to ensure you both arrive relaxed and refreshed.

Take your furry family member with you wherever you go

One of the greatest benefits of flying private is the ability to book an entire aircraft, meaning you know exactly who is joining you on your journey, be that friends, family, colleagues, and even your much loved pet. 

Pets are a huge part of the family, and many of us want to include them in every aspect of our lives, including travel. At jetlogic we have made flying with pets a seamless experience, no matter the circumstances. 

Our team is experienced in making arrangements for our clients to fly with their pets for family holidays or for relocating. If your work has you away from home for long periods of time, or you’re travelling for a MICE related event, flying with your pets means you can stay on schedule with your companion by your side.

Preparing your pet for travel

To guarantee a smooth travel experience, it is important to be well prepared and well informed regarding the specific requirements for your pet, your chosen aircraft and your destination.

When booking your charter, we will help you find the most suitable aircraft for both you and your pet’s travel needs. While very light jets provide a cost-effective option when travelling solo, there may not be enough space to comfortably accommodate one or multiple pets. The jetlogic team will be happy to offer you expert advice on the different options available to you. 

We will support you with every aspect of your pet’s travel. At the time of booking, our travel experts will assist you in checking extra requirements and required documents for your destination, including details of vaccinations, microchips, certificates, passports and permits. 

Ensuring comfort and safety at all times

New sights, sounds, smells, and the excitement of a big adventure can unsettle an otherwise calm pet. For those new to travelling, and to help preempt any stress during travel, access a flight desensitisation course to prepare your companion for the changes ahead.   

Flying regulations require animals to be kept on a leash on the tarmac, as well as secured for take-off, landing and during any turbulence for their safety. During these scenarios, your pet can be in a pet carrier, harnessed into a seat, or leashed while attached to a passenger safety belt. Whichever is most comfortable and suitable for them is best. 

Every experience with jetlogic can be tailored towards your pet, from their preferred treats and meals to their favourite toys ready and waiting onboard. We recommend bringing a few home comforts with familiar scents from home to relax your pet and help them settle in a new environment. 

Take your pet with you in 2023

Our pets are our whole world, so they deserve to see the world by your side. Wherever 2023 takes you, bring your four-legged friend along with your for the ride.

Contact jetlogic today to arrange a private flight and accommodate your pet travel needs.

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