Hattie Pattisson – Artist & Textile Designer

Scottish artist Hatti Pattisson has been creating expressive, emotive artworks for over fifteen years. Born and raised in the East Neuk of Fife and now living in Edinburgh, the spaces and places around Hatti have always inspired her.

Often exploring the boundary between sensation and reality, Hatti’s original paintings feature a variety of land and seascapes as well as dream-like abstracts. The process of creating is an organic one, where in the flow of the work, a painting is revealed.

As Hatti herself says, “The act of painting is very much a need as much as it is my career. It feels very much a part of me and I can’t imagine my life without spending time surrounded by canvases and paints, creating. The genuine enjoyment of it hasn’t faded and the work evolves naturally.”

Hatti creates original works of art for exhibition as well as regularly completing commissioned pieces. Many of Hatti’s clients have chosen bespoke works to celebrate a place, a feeling or an event in their lives. Other clients are drawn to the personalised experience of commissioning art, working with the artist to develop a piece that complement the style, space and scale of their home.

‘Parisian Light’, commissioned by a couple to recall walking together along the banks of the Seine

A select few of Hatti’s paintings have been used as the inspiration for a range of fabrics which have been used in high fashion and luxury interior collaborations. From stunning Judy R Clark frock coats to sumptuous furniture, decadent curtains and statement lampshades. These textiles have also been incorporated into the design of luxury homes and boutique hotels, such at the Three Chimneys in Skye and the Radisson Collection on Edinburgh’s Historic Royal Mile.

To read more about Hattie or view her work please visit her website.

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