In Conversation with Greenpark Global

jetlogic had the pleasure of sitting down with Greenpark Global recently, a boutique litigation finance company in the fastest growing, multi-billion dollar, litigation funding sector.

Who are Greenpark Global?

Greenpark was founded by CEO Laura Mann in 2019. Laura has an outstanding pedigree and reputation in Financial Services and Wealth Management globally. The business was established to cater for the demand in off market opportunities from HNW Investors. Since establishment Greenpark have worked on over 30 different projects.

The true barometer of the experience of the company is the expanded network of external litigation and commercial transaction experts that Greenpark Global has access to makes a compelling proposition for the majority of portfolios.

Laura Mann, CEO of Greenpark Global

For those new to the industry, what is litigation finance?

While it’s often seen as a new, niche asset class, the origins of litigation funding can be traced back to the 1970s. Back then, institutional investors invested in companies involved in high-quantum litigation actions that were listed on the New York Exchange and the NASDAQ. By acquiring large blocks of stock, returns would be based on an increase in the stock price as a result of litigation being settled in favour of the listed companies.

As an alternative strategy, some institutional investors took positions in companies involved in litigation in anticipation that the company would lose. The institutions would short the stock with a view that the market would look unfavourably on the loss and result in a significant downside on the stock price.

When third-party litigation finance was legalised, this allowed the ring-fencing of a particular litigation claim or portfolio of claims that investors could finance. This negated the need to invest in the company itself and increased the potential returns available. This has led to the expedited growth of litigation as an asset class. Today, litigation financing funding is a multi- billion-dollar global industry. 

In essence, it refers to the financial backing of a claimant who doesn’t have the capital or expertise to pursue their claim. And it’s becoming increasingly popular due to the outsized returns it delivers, along with the increased demand for non-market correlated opportunities.

Potential claimants often cite lack of access to available capital or budgetary constraints as a major factor when deciding whether to pursue litigation or arbitration. Given the current global uncertainty caused by high inflation, individuals and corporations are keen to avoid both expending capital on a large scale and costly disputes.

Litigation funding enables claimants to pursue meritorious claims with the benefit of non-recourse financing, significantly reducing the financial downside risk, and, crucially, removing the cost from the balance sheet.It’s a concept that’s rapidly evolved over the last 10 years, enabling prudent financial planning and risk management, and freeing up capital that can be better spent elsewhere.

What type of services do Greenpark Global offer?

Greenpark Global recognises demand and therefore provides opportunities for both fixed income, inflation linked opportunities and high growth for those investors seeking high return on investment. Greenpark can generally accommodate several asset classes on different projects suiting different preferences. Greenpark Global has developed a portfolio-based approach in which it maximises revenue and diversifies risk. At regular intervals secondary market sales are sought which provides liquidity and de risks portfolios.

Due to our considerable growth our initial focus was in the high net worth investor space, we have now moved into the business to business arena, our experience has enabled us to target the institutional investor space given our partnerships in the industry and access to what we feel are the best cases in the industry.

What sets Greenpark Global apart from competitors?

A key point of difference from other funders is the conventional approach of filing litigation claims as soon as a dispute arises; Greenpark Global keenly focuses on litigation readiness. In many instances, litigation matters require significant preparatory work with respect to the underlying assets and organisational structure before being in an optimal state for optimal revenue generation. As such, Greenpark Global’s philosophy is to treat litigation claims and their underlying assets as assets that requiring rigorous management and upkeep throughout the investment cycle. With Greenpark Global’s team’s extensive collective litigation management experience, its assets are well positioned for maximum return on investment.

What does 2024 and beyond hold for Litigation Finance?

2023 has been an eventful year for litigation finance as the industry continues to mature. Buoyed by consistent demand for financing in key practice areas, and undeterred by calls for greater transparency, litigation finance is set to continue its upward trajectory in 2024 (Bloomberg Law 2023). Litigation Funding Investment Marketing is poised to surpass USD 57.2 billion by 2035 (Research Nester 2023). 

Providing capital to the sector is becoming increasingly popular due to the outsized returns and increased demand for non-market correlated opportunities.

Although boutique in stature, Global Park’s ability to rely on leaders in not only all areas of litigation, with decades of experience and success, but leaders in investment banking, give Green Park Global the combined experience that is seen in the largest of global institutions. 

If you would like to learn more about Greenpark Global’s alternative investment opportunities please visit Greenpark Global’s website.

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