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In Conversation with Lunar Artefacts

Tell us about your background and how Lunar Artefacts came to be.

Lunar Artefacts is a home and tech brand elevating everyday objects, with repairability at their core. Founded by Lulu and Da, a couple with an inextricably shared vision for a devotedly design first approach, the commitment was to challenge the usual cycle of consumption and define a new narrative through compelling accessories that inspire your everyday rituals.

lunar artefacts

Blending their rich design backgrounds as an Architect and Product designer, Lunar Artefacts meticulously engineers every detail with unparalleled intent. The brand started with a single product, the humble computer mouse, the essence being to reimagine the ordinary into the evocative and enduring. The collection of products continues to expand and the brand can now be found in the foremost luxury department stores in Europe.

Where you draw inspiration from for the unique design of Lunar Artefacts’ products?

Lunar Artefacts objects are exacting in their design, construction and craft. Da’s experience as an automotive designer is intimately evident in every aspect and technical detail with functionality seamlessly fused with aerodynamic fluid forms. This is all underpinned with an emotive modern heritage feel through the use of sumptuous and tactile leather and traditional techniques such a stitched details. Intentionally rooted in interiors, inspired by Lulu’s strong connections to architecture and interior spaces, this meeting of minds and disciplines is what sets Lunar Artefacts apart.

What do you think the importance is of blending craftsmanship and luxury design with everyday technology?

Lunar Artefacts founding principal was to challenge the cycle of consumption and increasingly throwaway nature of technology. By intrinsically interweaving craft into technology and creating objects that are infinitely repairable, we start to define a new space and transform perceptions where we can become more conscious consumers. It’s fundamental that all industries including luxury and technology consider their impact and we feel passionately about the importance of this within everything we create.

Why do you think it is important to change the mindset that new is always better than old?

It is evident that sustainability is not just a buzz word anymore, it’s a undeniable necessary shift in mindset. There is always an allure of the new but we increasingly see that experiences are more important for younger generations rather than accumulation of products. We want to create objects that deliver an experience, an emotional connection, to evolve, to repair, to endure. Technology is a category that is the most disparate from this ethos, so we think it’s fundamental to start the conversation in this category and forge a new psyche.

lunar artefacts

What sets Lunar Artefacts apart from technology companies?

Significantly we don’t feel defined purely by technology, we seek to reimagine all areas of the everyday, technology is one foundational thread to that. Moreover recognising that objects naturally age, our creations are designed with repairability at their core, challenging the usual cycle of consumption that prevails today. That is fundamentally a completely opposed philosophy to the fast paced tech giants that dominate the landscape.

What does the future hold for Lunar Artefacts?

We are undefined by traditional category boundaries, we are experimental and brave in our approach, so there will be continued diversity and surprises in our creations. We will continue to challenge perceptions of the ordinary and what may be perceived as even mundane. True to our celestial name, we want to establish an otherworldly universe of objects that tell a story and bring delight into every day.

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