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10 Of The Best Luxury Virtual Tours From Home

A lot of international travel is still grounded, but that needn’t stop you from exploring the globe. Pour yourself a glass of wine, sink into your favorite sofa, and enjoy some of the best luxury virtual tours from the comfort of your own home:

1. Virtual Dives in the American Samoas with the National Marine Sanctuaries

Grab your virtual reality headset and plug into this immersive underwater experience. The National Marine Sanctuaries and The Ocean Agency have joined forces to bring us virtual dives across 600,000 square miles of sea and lake waters. Their specialist photographers have captured these very real (and rare) worlds, allowing you to explore their hidden environments and the creatures that inhabit them.

Go diving:

2. Take a virtual wine tour in Lanzarote

Bringing vineyard wine tastings right to your front door …

With travel on pause, Wine Tours Lanzarote has brought their (once) location exclusive tours online. Their interactive tastings include a up to a choice of 5 wines, and the team recommends guest include their favourite Malvasia Volcanica among their selection – made with the unique Lanzarote Volcánica grape.

Prices being at 100 Euros, with additional tasting extras charged at 10 Euros. Book via their website –

3. It’s now or never! $100 VIP Graceland Tours

Elvis Presley fans can now visit the home of their American Rock and Roll hero with the simple push of a button. The 2-hour guided tour promises to address never-before-told stories of the music legend as they guide you through the singer’s former home and burial garden. The Graceland VIP exploration includes a walk around his 14-acre estate, guest question time, and entry to the star’s private jet.

You can buy tickets on the official Graceland website:

4. Stir up the weekend with a Cocktail Masterclass from a Senior Bartender at the Savoy

The American Bar at the world-famous Savoy Hotel was awarded World’s Best Bar in 2017 and 2018. Now, once of the establishment’s Senior Bartenders is offering a 1.5-hour experience, offering insight into the methodology behind their world class cocktails. These events can be paired with those of other groups, meaning you can interact with guests as you would in a normal bar setting. The experienced host will help you make 4 rum-based cocktails, whilst elaborating on key imperatives such as temperature, dilution and presentation.

Learn more on their experiences page:

5. Get tips for the locals with Away from the Ordinary

Our Lifestyle Partners, Away From The Ordinary are currently offering an extra VIP experience to anyone who enquires about booking a customised visit to Scotland in 2021. This luxury Scottish experience provider prides themselves in taking visitors behind the curtain, introducing them to places (and people) usually off-limits to the public.

Ambassadors for this new offer are locals you are likely to meet during your trip, including Lord Bruce (the lineal descendant of Robert the Bruce) and writer of Outlander, Diana Gabaldon’s.

Contact their team direct via their :

6. Tour Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum

We know people are beginning to get tired of online museum experiences, however, this one is particularly impressive! Its beautiful VR design allows online visitors a perfectly mirrored 3D experience of the gallery and the exhibits. Their new Key Challenge is wonderful for children, delivering an online treasure hunt with the opportunity to win real prizes.

Explore the Rijksmuseum:

7. Go on a private safari with a &BEYOND TV host

To complement their daily WILDwatch Live safaris, South Africa’s rangers are now hosting one-to-one tours and masterclasses to thrill wildlife and travel enthusiasts. Book a private conversation with their conservation heroes, or take a luxury seat on one of their private virtual safaris.

Go on safari:

8. Mindfulness with Manolo Blahnik

Take yourself off-screen with Manolo Blahnik. The legendary fashion designer has collaborated with the Smile Initiative and Mental Health Foundation to simplify a collection of his sketches, so that people can download the outlines and tune out with some mindfulness colouring.

You can download the sketches on the designer’s website:

9. Get the look at London Fashion Week

2021’s London Fashion Week will be held as a digital-only-event, making more room for front row seats! Running from Friday 19th to Tuesday 23rd February, it will celebrate menswear and womenswear in an online showcase, saluting both global luxury brands and the best newcomers in the world of design.

View the schedule:

10. A trip out of this world: Exploring Mars

The team at Nasa have joined forces with Google to provide the world with a Martian experience: Access Mars. Hop on-board the Curiosity Rover and explore the surface of the red planet in this new 3D replica. The 360-degree experience uses real footage, data and images captured by the 2011 mission and lets users navigate the terrain with satellite views and click points.

Rocket to Mars:

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