Explore the world with your pet by your side

Don’t let your pet miss out on the adventure, and bring your companion with you to explore the world in the luxury of a private jet charter.

At jetlogic we are well versed in helping our clients travel with their furry family members, making sure all arrangements are taken care of to ensure seamless travel in the lap of luxury. Private jet charters remove the stress of travel compared to flying commercially, so both you and your pet can relax during the trip knowing you are together. 

With jetlogic, the journey for your pet starts with a simplified booking service, continues with a comfortable flight, and ends at a pet friendly destination.

Embark on an adventure

As pet lovers ourselves, at jetlogic we understand that pets are part of the family and our team make every effort to ensure that their travel is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 

On the ground and in the air, the wellbeing of your pets is paramount to our handling teams and crew. Your furry friend will be treated to our VIP travel service throughout the flight and in the airport too.

Unlike commercial airlines, they can enjoy the simple pleasures of flying privately, like being able to stretch their legs and relax peacefully by your side.

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A safe and comfortable cabin

The safety of our clients and your pet is of the utmost importance. Having your pet in the cabin with you is a much safer option than having them travelling in the hold, where you can’t access or have any control over the environment. Stress-free travel is guaranteed in our luxurious private jets.

Flying regulations require animals to be kept on a leash on the tarmac, and secured for take-off, landing and during any turbulence. There are three seating options: in a pet carrier, harnessed into a seat, or leashed while attached to a passenger safety belt. 

At all other times, your pet is free to relax comfortably by your side.

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Pet-friendly destinations

jetlogic are experienced in pet travel to destinations across the world, and our services to you and your pet extend beyond the in-flight experience.

We can help you visit exclusive resorts from convenient private jet FBOs, ensuring travelling with your pet is seamless, even at your destination.

To help make your trip unforgettable, our charter experts and partners can recommend pet-friendly hotels across the globe that cater to your every need.

Whether you’re after a dog yoga class in London, the best pet salon in New York or a pet hotel in Paris for life enrichment, jetlogic is here for you and your furry loved one.

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Pet travel regulations

Depending on where you are flying, you will need to carry the correct documentation for your pet to ensure you can travel together relaxed and worry-free.

The jetlogic team will support you with every aspect of your pet’s travel. At the time of booking, our experts will assist you in checking the required documents for your flight and destination, including details of vaccinations, microchips, certificates, passports and permits. 

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In-flight menus for all

As we provide bespoke catering and entertainment for our clients, this is naturally extended to your beloved pets too. 

We can arrange for a special treat, favourite meal or their preferred toy to be waiting for them ready to enjoy during the flight. Simply let the jetlogic team know your pet’s preferences when booking your flight with us. 

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We are here to make your journey as simple as possible

From departure to landing at your chosen destination, jetlogic will ensure you, your pet and your travel arrangements are all taken care of. The jetlogic team are experts in flying pets on jets, with experience in flying our client’s pets on both long and short-haul flights.

Contact jetlogic today to arrange a private flight and accommodate your pet travel needs.

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