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Preparing for the Silver Screen with Film & TV Charters

Film and TV productions often bring with them logistical challenges. Coordinating transport for cast and large crews, as well as fragile and expensive equipment, in order to reach remote filming locations can be difficult with commercial flights. 

Flying private allows productions to keep to time constraints, as well as adapting to ever-changing schedules and ensuring complex itineraries run smoothly.

At jetlogic, we have the knowledge and expertise to manage even the most complex production requirements, ensuring your safety, security and privacy. Whether planning a multi-destination shoot or needing a last minute flight across the world for a reshoot, film and tv charters provide a wealth of benefits to production companies and crews.

film and tv charters

Keep your schedule on track with film and TV charters

Ever changing call times, last-minute cast movements and unexpected reshoots can all be easily catered for with a private charter. 

Our hardworking team at jetlogic work diligently in the background to ensure your schedule remains on track and production continues seamlessly. Utilising our long-standing relationships with partners around the world, we can provide you with comprehensive flight solutions for when those last-minute obstacles arise. 

A film and TV charter provides you with a flexible flight itinerary that best suits your filming schedule. So whether you’re planning for a large group, a series of flights over an extended period of time, or have crew coming from multiple locations needing to arrive on set at the same time, charters can be tailored to even the most complex travel arrangements.

Fly closer to your destination

An extra advantage of flying by private charter is being able to reach destinations often inaccessible by commercial flights. Private travel also grants you the luxury of avoiding long check-in lines and lengthy wait times that are synonymous with commercial airports. Flying direct to more conveniently located FBOs means you can spend more time on production and less time on travel.

Our dedicated flight managers will be able to advise on the most suitable aircraft for your production’s needs, from turbo props to VIP airliners, so you can arrive at your destination safely and in a timely manner.

Travel in absolute privacy and discretion

Private charters allow cast and production crews to travel together, without raising eyebrows, as you arrive and depart through private terminals. Being able to access private terminals located closer to your filming location is not only convenient, but provides you with absolute privacy in an exclusive environment. 

jetlogic will ensure that you fly with complete discretion, so that you arrive to your destination quickly while avoiding crowds and press. 

Securely transport your equipment

Every crew’s fear when travelling on commercial flights is damage or loss of equipment, which unfortunately is not a rare occurrence.

However, when travelling by private charter, you can guarantee your equipment is handled with care and will arrive safely. Productions can rest easy knowing their heavy, fragile and expensive luggage will reach the set in the safest way possible, and on time.

Ensuring cast and crew safety

There can never be any compromises on safety, and at jetlogic we are proud to maintain a 100% safety record. Not only do we ensure all our operations have the necessary certificates and licences, but we also undertake detailed and regular inspections of their records, closely monitoring their standards of service and reliability.

We ensure all operators are heavily vetted to ensure they’re operating legally, so you can arrive at your destination safely. 

Arrange your film and tv charter with jetlogic

Let jetlogic take care of your travel schedule so you can focus on filming the next Oscar worthy production. We have extensive experience working with small and large productions on both long and short haul flights.

Contact the jetlogic team today who will take care of all the arrangements for your detailed filming schedule and any complex requirements.

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