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Private Jet Charter Brokers Vs Apps

We now live in a world where people want things instantly and modern technology permits this. Even in the private jet industry, there are so many apps and online platforms available, which allow clients access to instant private jet pricing with the ability to book a private jet at the touch of a button.  But, do they really work?

In modern society, are computerised applications really that clever to be able to consider every possible scenario relating to private jet travel the way a person can? We take a look at the benefits of using a private jet charter broker versus an app – you can make up your own mind.

Private Jet Charter Broker

The main reason clients use our broker service is for access to our knowledge & expertise. Chartering a private jet is a very time consuming process and if you are not familiar with the industry, it can be very confusing. We select the most suitable aircraft for your trip, taking into consideration the number of passengers travelling, the flight time, baggage and the aircrafts performance restrictions. We can then look at real time availability and put forward aircraft that are either based at your airport of choice, or as near to it as possible, ensuring the best price.

We work closely with all our clients to ensure their personal requests are met. Some clients want to smoke on the aircraft, others want to take their pets with them – not all operators will allow this. We know which operators do and which don’t meaning we will only offer aircraft that specifically suit your needs.

We also work with a network of trusted operators worldwide and we can negotiate prices ensuring you get the best deal for your chosen aircraft.

There are lots of things to consider when chartering a private jet: flight permits, airport restrictions, slots, crew duty limitations and current NOTAMS. We have years of experience and understand the market. We stay up to date on changes in the industry and it is our job to inform you of any issues that may arise with the flight request.

When you book with us you are ensured an exceptional level of service, safety and peace of mind. You can relax safe in the knowledge that the operator you are flying with has the necessary air operator certificates and insurance documents as well as the required permits to operate a commercial flight legally. It’s surprising how many illegal charter flights actually take place due to  a lack of awareness and knowledge of the requirements needed when flying to certain countries. This could result in aircraft being ramp checked and passengers refused entry into a country, or even the aircraft not being able to depart.

We take the hassle out of booking your private jet flights which in turn allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey – the way it should be!

A simple phone call or Email to our knowledgeable team are all you need to do to get started.


For the new generation of HNW individuals, sourcing things online seems to be the way forward. You can get instant access to any number of products and services at the tap of a button but just because it is instant, does that really mean it is better?

With regards to private jet charter, we believe that apps are great for giving clients an indicative price for specific routes. Jetlogic will be launching their own app very soon to provide this service to our clients but there are many things that apps can’t do.

Apps claim that they cut out the middle man and that they are not a charter broker, when in fact that is exactly what they are. They do not own or operate any of the aircraft they are promoting and have exactly the same access to aircraft that all charter brokers have – this can be very misleading to the end user.

Yes – you do get instant pricing but it is not always going to be the best price. You will only be supplied with a limited number of aircraft and you will only be shown options that are on their booking system. Not all operators sign up to these systems so there are a vast number of aircraft being missed by apps. There may be aircraft better suited to your requirements and more cost effective.

Apps rely on operators updating their booking systems constantly; if this is not done then the pricing you receive could be misleading. For example, you want to fly from London to Los Angeles in the next 10 hours, the app could quote you an aircraft that is based in New York which has to fly to London to then perform the flight. This is not possible due to crew duty limitations and potential issues with flight permits etc and no app is clever enough to flag up this kind of issue.

Other issues include prices being given without checking things like availability of parking or slots at an airport. If you request a return flight from London to Geneva departing on a Monday and returning on the Wednesday, most operators would price to layover in Geneva but would not check the availability of parking until the flight actually goes to book. If parking is not available then this would result in an additional cost due to the aircraft having to re-position elsewhere to park. This is an issue that we would be aware of, with Geneva being a high density airport and we would flag it up at the outset. Our pricing would cover any repositioning costs in our initial quote. Apps are not clever enough to inform you of these issues.

In our opinion there is a benefit to having and using an app for the purposes of getting indicative prices, there is just no replacement for the personal service, knowledge and expertise that you receive from a charter broker. What’s your thoughts?

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