Private Jet FAQs

Private Jet Charter FAQs

10 of the Most Common Private Jet Charter FAQs

How much is a private jet charter? How would I go about booking a private jet? Are private jets safe? If you’re looking to fly by private charter for the first time, you no doubt have questions around the logistics, services on offer, and your personal needs.

Every day, our charter experts respond to client enquiries around every aspect of the aviation world. Here, they answer some of the most frequently asked questions from first-time flyers.

What is private jet charter?

A private jet charter is a personal, unscheduled flight that is tailored to your personal travel needs. Rather than purchase a singular seat, the passenger/s rents the entire aircraft, allowing them complete flexibility and a faster transfer.

Why fly private jet?

There are many reasons why people chose to fly private rather than book a seat on a commercial flight. One of the main benefits of flying by private jet (or helicopter) is the general convenience it brings, but more specific examples include:

Time Saving – Travellers can forget the hassles of showing up 2 hours before a flight to stand in check in queues, security checks and boarding lines. Private jet travel means that you can simply arrive 15 minutes or so before your flight’s departure time, and you’ll gain access to a private lounge where you can wait for boarding. This valuable time saved on waiting allows for extra time at your destination, or to prepare for your travels.

Comfort – Whilst commercially scheduled flights must accommodate the needs of the general public, a private jet charter offers privacy, personal space, a one-to-one service, luxury furnishings, and the opportunity to tailor meals to your dietary needs.

Business – It’s becoming increasingly popular for companies to offer private jet travel to their teams. When every minute away from your desk costs money, business charter can pay for itself. With a business charter, employees can work and prepare whilst they are in the air – on board facilities include WI-FI, telephone and boardroom facilities.

Are private jets safe?

At jetlogic, above all else, safety of our passengers is our highest priority.

To ensure this for all our passengers, jetlogic have stringent requirements that our partners must meet to enable us to offer their aircraft.  Some of the key elements that our partners must have are as follows:

  1. Every partner and aircraft we use must be on an Air Operators Certificate issued by the country they are based in. This means the Aviation Authorities of that country audit the operation and aircraft to ensure they meet the requirements to operate commercially. All the partners and aircraft we use have to meet the same standards as all the airlines within that country.  For example, all the UK operators are regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and they audit all the companies twice a year in exactly the same way as they audit commercial operators such as British Airways, etc.
  2. Every partner we work with carries out two simulator checks each year on every pilot to ensure they meet the required standards to operate the aircraft.
  3. All our partners have independent maintenance organisations to ensure all the maintenance and checks are completed as required on their aircraft.  This is a legal requirement and any deviation from this would result in the operator losing their Air Operators Certificate.
  4. Jetlogic also ensure every partner and aircraft has the correct insurance requirements to operate commercially and this is audited by us.

There can never be any compromise on safety, and we only offer aircraft that meet all the requirements above.

Private flights use private terminals that notably less crowded (and much cleaner). Once onboard, passengers will have the full aircraft to themselves, so you don’t need to worry about contamination from others. There are much fewer interactions, giving you a much safer experience traveling.

How much are private jet flights?

Despite their luxury positioning, private jet charter can be cheaper than you may think. For example, if you’re booking long distance flights for a group of executives, business jet charter can cost less than what you might pay for first class scheduled services.

Below, we’ve provided some rough examples of what you might expect to pay for a private jet flight. Please note, flight costs fluctuate due to several factors, including (but not limited to) the type of plane, your destination, etc.

Private jet flight price examples:

1. Luton to Faro, Prices from circa £13,000 for a light jet 6 seats

2. Luton – Reykjavik, Prices from circa £14,000 for a light jet 6 seats

3. Manchester – Gibraltar, Prices from circa £15,000 in a midsize jet 8 seats

4. Luton – Teterboro, Prices from circa £65,000 in a heavy jet 13 seats

To receive a quote for a specific route, specially tailored to your needs, email our team.

Where to book a private jet

Hiring a private jet and navigating all the options available can be overwhelming, so most people chose to use a private jet broker to streamline the process.

When you contact jetlogic, we’ll ask you to tell us about your trip: Where you’re going? When are you going? Who are you going with? Etc.

Once we’ve established your primary needs, we’ll help you choose your preferred jet, using our expert knowledge to recommend the best aircraft for your journey. To do so, we’ll take into account your route, destination airport(s), length of trip, luggage, and your budget.

Can private jets land anywhere?

Although there are restrictions, there is often a way to get clients as close to their destination as physically possible. With landowner permission, some private aircrafts can land on remote and unpaved runways.

As a general rule, a lot of our clients prefer to chose smaller, private airports above the large commercial ones. These airfields tend to be closer to their departure point and/or final destination, reducing their travel time.

Can you bring anything on a private jet?

In theory, passengers can carry on board any (legal) item that the pilot allows. It goes without saying, that clients looking to transport larger items will need to take into the overall aircraft size into account.

A few of the things our clients have asked for us to transport:

  • Full baby cot
  • Massage table
  • 100 bottles of Crystal Champagne, 100 bottles of Johnny Walker Blue and 100 bottles of Gran Patron Platinum Tequila for a party

How should I dress for a private jet?

At jetlogic, the client comes first. With that in mind, we encourage guests to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

Can you smoke on your own private jet?

With commercial, scheduled flights, travellers must refrain from smoking inside the aircraft. Private charters allow for clients to smoke onboard, however, this must be requested at the time of booking so that your broker can arrange a smoking-friendly aircraft.

Can you fly by private jet with a dog?

One of the biggest worries for pet owners is the stress that their furry family members can suffer during travel. So, it comes as a welcome relief that private charters can be tailored to accommodate your pet and allow for them to join you in the cabin.

Many UK airports are now allowing pets on planes; extending their VIP terminal facilities to accommodate passengers who wish to bring their pet with them. Once on board, they can get comfortable next to you and They can get comfortable and eve look forward to being pampered with their favourite food and snacks, preferred bedding and litter tray.

Still looking for the answer to your private jet charter question? Call our charter team or contact us for enquires around your travel needs, or to receive a quote for personalised flight.

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