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Self-Improvement and Wellbeing in Paradise 

In today’s increasingly mindful world, people are seeking travel experiences rooted in reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation. Found across the world in little corners of paradise are a number of resorts offering moments of calmness and balance for the mind and body.

The importance of dedicating time to reconnecting to yourself to focus on self-improvement and enlightenment has never been more important. Wellbeing travel is about more than just relaxing in an opulent spa though. It’s about enhancing a person’s being with a focus on connection and culture in everyday experiences.

As both physical and mental health continue to be a top priority for many, discover restorative resorts to create positive changes that will last well beyond your stay. 

Joali Being, Maldives

The first wellbeing island of its kind in the Maldives, Joali Being, guides guests on the path to self-discovery and renewal. Their immersive experiences provide a transformative journey focused around four pillars – mind, skin, microbiome and energy.

This sanctuary offers tailored programmes that encourage deep connections to yourself, your partner, and your environment. Explore sound therapy in the indigenous forest, meditate to the rhythm of the ocean, and experience the discovery sound path. 

Joali Being hosts 68 overwater and beach villas, each with their own private pool and butler or “Jadugar”. Their earth-to-table philosophy promises traceability for all their locally harvested and sustainably sourced ingredients to provide wellness through nutrition. 

With their community of seekers and discoverers, experts and dreamers, healers and culinarians, you are guaranteed to leave feeling renewed and inspired. 

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SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the Sierra Helada Natural Park, lies SHA Wellness Clinic. The healing sunshine and clean air alongside the many holistic and medical treatments will instil healthy habits to help you continue your wellness journey long after your return home. 

SHA Wellness Clinic is a pioneer of integrated wellness, taking the best from Eastern and Western medicine. They offer a powerful combination of natural therapies, first rate nutrition and the latest advancements in medical technologies. Their focused, goal-driven programmes are overseen by more than 30 doctors with over 300 treatments meticulously developed by world-class professionals.

The five-star accommodation makes it easy to focus on nothing other than your wellbeing during your stay. SHA Wellness Clinic’s aim is to boost your body’s healing power in order to achieve physical and mental wellbeing. 

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Amangiri, Utah

Emerging out of the wind-carved landscape is Amangiri, a peaceful desert retreat in Canyon Point, Utah. Guests come to Amangiri to disconnect in the remote landscape, surrounding themselves with striking architecture and breathtaking scenery.

With treatments drawing on the elements of earth, wind, fire, water, wellness coaches help you identify your inner values and transform your goals into reality. Amangiri’s Navajo-inspired treatments focus on holistic principles and healing traditions to unify the mind and body. Their unique treatments are designed to reconnect with the environment and create a state of harmony with the world around us.

Their 25,000 square foot spa provides uninterrupted views of the sweeping desert, with indulgent spa journeys to take you on a voyage of self care and relaxation. With privileged access to local national parks, Amangiri is a destination that has guests wanting to return time and time again. 

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In-flight wellbeing

With jetlogic, your journey to wellness begins the minute you step aboard your flight. Private jets offer spacious cabins with comfortable seating and luxurious beds. 

Quality sleep, adjustable cabin lighting and controlled humidity all play a major role in reducing the impact of flying on your body. The luxurious environment will leave you feeling reinvigorated as you arrive at your destination and help you avoid symptoms of jet lag. 

A private charter reduces the number of touch points in an airport, allowing you to avoid long queues, crowds of people, and cramped seats in noisy environments. Fly directly from private airports where you can simply turn up for your flight 15 minutes before departure and enjoy the peaceful travel onboard your private jet. 

Begin your wellbeing journey with jetlogic

If you have a wellness trip in mind, our expert team will provide you with the ultimate wellbeing travel experience.

Contact jetlogic today where our diligent flight managers will assist you in planning your journey to wellness.

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