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When private travel becomes an essential part of your life, it may be time to buy your own jet.

As experts in private aircraft acquisition, Jetlogic will guide you through the process of buying a private jet and help you make an informed buying decision.

We’ll start by looking at how you will use your aircraft, and what features are important to you.

We will then use our specialist market knowledge to source a selection of new and/or pre-owned aircraft, and create a detailed evaluation and cost projection for each option.  We can also help you determine the best finance options for your transaction.

Once you have made your choice, we can manage the purchase process on your behalf, including legalities, contracting, negotiation, payment arrangements and escrow management.

For pre-owned and new private jet purchases we will conduct a full pre-purchase inspection and review the technical, maintenance and flight log book records to ensure nothing is overlooked and that you receive your luxurious private jet in the best condition.

Our partner law firms can create a tax structure that safeguards your interests as a private jet buyer.  We will also liaise with the authorities in all relevant jurisdictions, to make sure your new aircraft meets regulatory requirements.

Post-purchase, we can advise on ownership, management and maintenance, so that you get the very best value from your new acquisition.

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