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Luxury private jet charter

Private charter flights save time and offer complete flexibility. Instead of endless queuing and stress, just turn up 15 minutes before your departure time and wait in a private lounge.

The cost of private jet charter depends where you want to go, how many passengers are travelling, and what kind of aircraft you require. If you’re booking long distance flights for a group of executives, business jet charter can cost less than you’d pay for first class scheduled services.

For celebrities, sporting events or luxury holidays, air charter services provides luxury, privacy and convenience.


Extra comfort
Plenty of room
Spacious luxury seats
Bespoke catering and entertainment
Luggage space


Aircraft to yourself
Personal flight
Own departure lounge, private terminal
Avoid crowds and cameras


Choose exactly when you want to travel
Flexibility to change plans at the last minute
Fly anywhere in the world
Fly when you want to fly
No queues, delays or restricted flight times


Use smaller airports, closer to your home or destination
Convenient airports and shorter transfer times
No lengthy security checks
Option of private jet card membership

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