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If you’re flexible about dates and times, or ready to take a last minute deal, empty legs offer private jet travel at a lower cost. Private charter flights are often one-way, so aircraft can spend a lot of flying time without passengers. Jet charter companies offer these ’empty legs’ at up to 50% less than the standard rate.

Private jet charter saves time and offers complete flexibility. Rather than endless queuing in security, arrive 15 minutes before your departure time, clear private security screening and wait in an exclusive lounge in a private jet terminal. Private jets can often use smaller, better-located airports all over the world, getting you closer to your destination.

How can you find these discounts? As a Jetlogic customer, you can search our real-time database at any time.

*When you charter an ’empty leg’ flight you are chartering the whole aircraft so whether there is 1 person travelling or 6 people travelling the price is the cost for the whole aircraft and not per seat/passenger. Empty leg flights are also subject to the principle charter going ahead.

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