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When it comes to flying private, there is simply no comparison. It affords you the luxury to fly on your own terms with every detail catered to your preferences. With no fixed schedules you are free to plan your journey around your schedule, not an airlines’.  At jetlogic, we are regularly asked when the best …

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man holding camera silhouetted with pink and blue lights

Film and TV productions often bring with them logistical challenges. Coordinating transport for cast and large crews, as well as fragile and expensive equipment, in order to reach remote filming locations can be difficult with commercial flights.  Flying private allows productions to keep to time constraints, as well as adapting to ever-changing schedules and ensuring …

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filming locations in scotland - Glenfinnan Viaduct

The diverse landscapes, picturesque villages and urban town centres provide an abundance of spectacular filming locations in Scotland. Steeped in culture and history with unforgettable scenery, it’s easy to see why Scotland has become a firm favourite amongst location scouts, directors and production companies around the world.  From period dramas to blockbuster action films, Scotland’s …

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