The A to Z of Private Jet Charters

As Europe’s premier private jet broker, our jet-logic specialists work around the clock to answer questions and help guests plan and book their perfect trip by private aircraft or helicopter charter. After building wonderful relationships with clients over the years, they’ve gathered some of their favourite private aviation facts and tips to build this A to Z of jet charters.

A is for Private Jet Acquisition

When private travel becomes an essential part of your life, it may be time to buy your own jet. Whether it’s for business, sport, or leisure, there are multiple factors to consider when sourcing your new aircraft. It’s wise to seek an evaluation and cost projection for each option, alongside someone who can manage the purchase process on your behalf. This will include legalities, contracting, negotiation, payment arrangements and escrow management.

B is for Private Jet Booking

When booking your private jet, using a charter specialist is a great way to ensure you receive guidance and cover all the options available. The bespoke service works alongside multiple private air operators to find you the perfect flight. They can tailor amenities to your specific needs and assist with visa requirements (alongside many other benefits).

C is for Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter is the business of renting an entire aircraft instead of individual aircraft seats or buying a ticket with an airline. Whilst commercial flights work to a dictated schedule, private jet charter allows you the freedom to fly on your own timescales and customise the experience.

D is for Private Jet Deals

If you are flying regularly, you want to make sure you’re being rewarded for it (and that you are getting the best prices). A jet charter membership allows clients to benefit from additional extras to make budgeting easier. A jet card provides perks such as competitive capped rates, catering within Europe, simultaneous use of multiple jets, and protection from price fluctuations (to name a few).

E is for Private Jet Empty Leg Flights

When a client charters a flight for a one-way route, the return flight that pilots must make to reposition the aircraft is referred to as an ‘empty leg’. When you charter an ’empty leg’ flight, you are still chartering the whole aircraft, regardless of how many people are onboard. Empty leg flights are subject to the principal charter going ahead, so they are good for those who are flexible about dates and times (or ready to take a last-minute deal)

The benefit? These flights offer private jet travel at a lower cost. Jet charter companies offer ’empty legs’ at up to 50% less than the standard rate.

F is for Private Jet Flight Cost

Below, we’ve provided some rough examples of what you might expect to pay for a private jet flight. Please note, flight costs fluctuate due to several factors, including (but not limited to) the type of plane, your destination, routing, number of passengers, luggage and availability.

1. Luton to Faro, Prices from circa £13,000 for a light jet 6 seats

2. Luton – Reykjavik, Prices from circa £14,000 for a light jet 6 seats

3. Manchester – Gibraltar, Prices from circa £16,000 in a midsize jet 8 seats

4. Luton – Teterboro, Prices from circa £65,000 in a heavy jet 13 seats

G is for Gold Private Jets

Did you know that the Sultan of Brunei owns one of the world’s most expensive private jets, complete with plenty of gold detailing? Gold features include a solid gold washbasin, plated seat buckles, alongside golden-trimmed bedrooms and bathrooms.

H is for Private Helicopters

It’s not just jets that are available for private charter! Ideal for shorter distances, helicopter charters offer versatile travel for business meetings, sporting events, special events, photo shoots, and leisure occasions. Their smaller space requirement means that travellers have access to more landing sites and can often get closer (if not directly) to their final destination.

I is for Private Jet Interior Design

Have you ever dreamed of customising your own aircraft? With a private jet charter, your plane can be branded inside and out, a wonderful way to make an impression during business charters!

J is for Private Jet Jobs

Considering a role in aviation? From private jet brokers to pilots, to travelling butlers and cabin crew, there are plenty of ways to kick start a career in this luxury travel sector. A great way to stay informed is with LinkedIn. Find out about the latest career opportunities from jet-logic and other leading experts by visiting our news feeds.

K is for Private Jet Kitchens

A lot of private jet clients opt to enhance their on-board experience with private catering: delicious food and drinks tailored to their own dietary preferences. While small to medium sized jets often have external caterers who bring food on board, there are some large private jets that house fully equipped kitchens!

L is for private jet Lifestyle

At jet-logic, we believe that your experience needn’t end when you disembark. We’ve worked hard to build relationships with luxury lifestyle partners that complement our clients’ interests. From private chefs and tailor-made travel experiences to small batch distillers and couture designs, we introduce clients to collections beyond the air.

M is for Private Music Charter

It’s not uncommon for Musicians to travel by private jet, and there’s good reason why. When artists charter a jet, they open their itinerary to more direct routings, which significantly reduces the time in the air and allows for a better rest between gigs. Whilst touring, many celebrities will arrange a jet for longer periods, providing guaranteed flexibility, security, privacy, and allowance for last-minute changes.

N is for Private Jets Navigation

Less time in the air means more time at your destination. Private jet charters have the luxury of navigating many airports that commercial airlines can’t land. As a result, travellers can choose to fly to smaller (more convenient) terminals closer to their final stop. In particular, smaller aircrafts often require less runway landing space, making them a popular choice for short to mid-range flights.

O is for Famous Private Jet Owners

It might come as no surprise to learn that business owners and pollical leaders are no strangers to private jet lifestyles. Donald Trump and Bill Gates are regularly spotted boarding their private aircrafts, while (across the waters), Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is regularly noted.

Meanwhile, female celebrity jet owners include Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, and Beyonce.

P is for Pets on Private Jets

Many UK airports are now allowing pets on planes; extending their VIP terminal facilities to accommodate passengers who wish to bring their pet with them. On board a private jet, your pet can join you in the cabin, rather than going through the traumatic ordeal associated with commercial flight procedures.

Q is for Private Jet Quotes

If you are chartering a private jet for the fist time, the process can seem a little daunting or confusing. However, charter specialists are there to make things as stress-free as possible for you, and this often begins with you getting in touch to request a quote. With jet-logic, you are looked after by a dedicated team, not a call centre, trained to ensure you feel comfortable asking any questions you might have.

R is for Private Jet Range

Some of the most powerful private jets offer convenient and notable long-distance ranges. The Boeing 787-800 ‘Dreamliner’ can achieve an impressive 15,000 km reach, travelling for up to 17 hours before the need to refuel. Range options like this mean that flyers can span continents across one flight.

S is for Private Jet Speeds

We’re often asked if flying by private jet is faster than flying commercial. While larger aircrafts often fly at the same speed as commercial jets, smaller jets often have the capability of flying faster. What a lot of people don’t know is that certain countries have flight speed limits. For example, in the United States, the FAA limits the speed of aircraft to 754 mph.

T is for Private Jet Terminals

One of the main benefits to flying by private charter is a departure from a private terminal. These VIP terminals are designed to welcome guest before and after flights, and allow for a fast, discreet check-in. Facilities will vary by location, but some of the most luxurious ones include free gyms, private suites, butlers, and spa facilities. Jetex Dubai, Al Maktoum Airport even create cappuccinos with images of passengers’ faces!

U is for Private Jets in the Ubers

Is there a private jet Uber equivalent? In recent years, we’ve seen an increased demand for jet apps, and we find they’re great for giving clients an indicative price for specific routes. However, it’s worth noting that they can sometimes be misleading to the end user.

Clients will receive instant pricing, but it won’t always be the best price. Users will only be supplied with a limited number of aircraft and will only be shown options that are on the booking system. Not all operators sign up to these systems, so there are a vast number of aircraft being missed by apps. There may be aircraft better suited to your requirements and more cost effective. Take a look at this quick Brokers vs Apps article.

V is for Private Jet Video

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes with a private jet team? On their most recent flight, our marketing team filmed their journey to bring you a video tour of their experience. Head to our Instagram Highlights to see what they got up to on their departure from London Stanstead’s private terminal.

W is for private jet WiFi

As the demand for business jets increase, almost all private aircrafts now offer Wi-Fi as standard. As well as Wi-Fi, jets can be turned into fully functioning office spaces with telephone service and boardroom facilities.

X is for X-Rays

A private travel experience provides travellers with speedy, exclusive security screening, enabling them to transfer straight to the tarmac. It’s a common misconception that guests are exempt from bag screenings. They are not. However, checks are carried out discreetly and clients will be seamlessly escorted through the terminal.

Y is for Private Jet Yearly Cost

When buying a private jet, it’s important to factor annual upkeep costs. Private jet owners should be prepared to expect to pay anything from £400,000 to £3 million per year. It’s worth noting that maintenance costs can vary dramatically depending on the size of the aircraft, crew size, and distances they will be flying.

Z is for Private Jet Zoom Background

Some people love private jets so much that they are opting to set aircraft interiors as their zoom backgrounds. These fun virtual office backdrops can transport you to anything, from a smaller professional business jet to a much more light-hearted VIP airliners, complete with double bed. Explore a few of our favourites.

Do you still have a question about private jet charter? You might find ‘10 of the Most Common Private Jet Charter FAQs’ helpful.

Alternatively, please call our charter team or contact us via email.

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