The Best Time to Book a Private Jet Charter 

When it comes to flying private, there is simply no comparison. It affords you the luxury to fly on your own terms with every detail catered to your preferences. With no fixed schedules you are free to plan your journey around your schedule, not an airlines’. 

At jetlogic, we are regularly asked when the best time to book a private jet charter is and how far in advance to arrange flights. While we always advise giving as much notice as possible to guarantee aircraft availability, this sometimes isn’t always possible and a charter is required at short notice.

The Optimum Time to Book a Private Jet Charter

When it comes to private jet charters, more notice is always better than less. However, many aircraft owners may not have their schedules ready too far in advance. With this in mind, the ideal time to book a charter is 1-3 months ahead of your departure date. This window provides you with the best aircraft availability, allowing your Flight Manager to secure your desired jet and any additional services you require. 

Unlike with commercial flights where you may find a good deal within a short time frame before departure, the best values with private charters are found when there is advance notice. With 1-3 months notice of your travel plans, you can secure the perfect deal that is right for your needs. In the final weeks before departure, the available jets may not be the best fit for your trip and the price may be higher than the options available earlier. 

The best time to book a private jet

If you’re planning to travel around the time of major events, holidays or celebrations, airport slots can be limited and fewer aircraft will be available due to the increased demand. When flying at peak travel times, we always recommend booking much further in advance than usual to secure the best aircraft and facilities for a seamless travel experience.

Short Notice Charters 

That being said, the charter industry is set up to facilitate short notice schedules. There are often times when you simply cannot give 1-3 months notice ahead of your flight. When you’re unable to give advance notice of travel, your Flight Manager will accommodate your plans as best they can and find a private jet with quick turnaround time. 

When time is of the essence, jetlogic are equipped to react quickly to locate and secure an appropriate aircraft and crew. The time needed to prepare a charter is dependent on your itinerary. Usually it can take at least a few hours from request to take-off, however this may take longer if a visa or vaccination record are required. 

Do Departure Days and Times Affect Charters? 

Some people believe it is cheaper to book flights on a Thursday, others at nights, and others advise booking weekday flights. While these assumptions may be true when it comes to commercial airlines, time and day do not play a major role when it comes to booking a private jet charter.

A lot of factors contribute to the cost of commercial flights, such as day of the week or time of year, seat space, demand, travel location, how far in advance you book your ticket…the list goes on. These elements lead to fluctuating prices and create a more time-sensitive experience. Private charter pricing is calculated on several different factors, including aircraft location, hourly rates, flight duration, plus landing and handling fees. All of which don’t increase purely based on lead times. 

private jet aircraft on runway

The private charter industry is available 24/7, and at jetlogic, we operate globally with our team always available to coordinate flights. The only limitation that may occur when booking a charter is airport opening hours, as not all are open 24 hours a day. Some airports are not allowed to accept flights at night to reduce pollution peaks, while others have time restrictions to avoid disturbing the local community. In these cases, you may have to be flexible in terms of which airport you fly in and out of, or the exact time you want to fly.  In these circumstances, jetlogic will go above and beyond to arrange charters that best suit your schedule.

Empty Leg Charters 

While we always recommend booking 1-3 months in advance, the same notice period does not apply on an empty leg flight. If you’re flexible about dates and times, or are looking for a last minute deal, empty legs allow you to save up to 50% off standard private jet charter prices. 

It is important to be aware that empty legs are already on a set schedule and flight path. They are best suited to individuals with flexible itineraries and timelines. As they are subject to the original charter going ahead, they do carry a greater risk of being cancelled shortly before the departure date. For those with flexible plans or looking for a last minute charter, our real-time empty leg database is always a great place to look for available flights. 

Global Charters Around the Clock

Ultimately, you can book a private jet charter whenever you wish. Whether you’re planning a last-minute flight, or a well-prepared trip with a detailed itinerary, jetlogic can provide you with an exceptional service that caters to all your needs.

Once you have a destination and time in mind, contact our knowledgeable and experienced team to discuss your charter options. 

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