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Winter Retreats for New Year Wellness

With the new year comes fresh perspectives and new possibilities to rediscover yourself.

As 2023 draws to a close, now is the perfect time to set your intentions for the year ahead. Find health and happiness in serene havens where there are no worries and no burdens, only time for relaxation and reconnection.

Gift your mind and body the recuperation it deserves with spectacular environments and rejuvenating activities to transform your wellness as you step into the new year.

COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali

‘Shambhala’ refers to a sacred place of good health, wellbeing and tranquillity, all of which are found in abundance at COMO Shambhala Estate.

For those seeking a path towards a healthier lifestyle, COMO Shambhala Estate works in tandem with nature to provide immersive experiences that align the mind, body and spirit. Every aspect of your stay is carefully considered to deliver balance and restoration at this private tropical hideaway.

A team of experienced experts are on hand to analyse your needs and provide a positive healing experience. Embark on your wellness journey with daily massages and holistic activities, from yoga and meditative rice field walks, to cutting-edge therapies like hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions.

COMO Shambhala Estate’s Integrated Wellness Programmes deliver tailored plans for a good life. With actionable tips to take home, your stay at this luxury retreat is only the beginning of your wellness journey.

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Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Designed to tie in the five elements and the five senses, this Greek idyll cradled by Mount Taygetus invites you to connect with your purest, truest self. The holistic approaches offered at Euphoria Retreat are rooted in the understanding that our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are intrinsically linked. Just as nature changes with the seasons, so too do our own energetic systems.

A stay at Euphoria Retreat aims to soothe your nervous system, boost your energy levels and align your body with the rhythms of the natural world. The authentic focus of healing and transformation draws inspiration from Taoist and Hellenic philosophies, as well as Traditional Chinese and Hippocratic medicine.

All treatments and programmes are delivered by skilled, in-tune and intuitive practitioners. Tailor-made treatments and sessions are designed to leave you feeling enhanced as you enter the new year. Your stay at Euphoria Retreat will provide you with the necessary tools to lead a happier and healthier life in 2024.

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Golden Door, California

In Southern California sits a Japanese ryokan-style resort with 600 acres of healing gardens and wild spaces. As one of America’s most exclusive health retreats, Golden Door promises to transform your health from one Sunday to the next.

The secluded location grants guests access to private hiking trails, a bamboo forest, and more than 80 rejuvenating classes each week. Personalised programs are developed by expert practitioners, with experiences including breath work, meditation, farm-to-table meals, daily massages, and the exploration of dharma, chakras and astrology. Activities are designed to nurture the mind and spirit, repositioning guests at the centre of their own lives.

There are never more than 40 guests at a time undertaking a wellness journey at Golden Door, allowing you the luxury of being as social, or as private, as you’d like. And with 4 staff to every guest, your every need is catered for.

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New year, new horizons

Find your peace this new year so you can recharge and lead a happier life as you step into 2024.

At jetlogic, our private charters prioritise you to align with your wellness travel goals. From planning, to arrival at your chosen retreat, we ensure every last detail of your flight is taken care of. Travel anywhere in the world, any time you wish, with the help of our expert team.

Contact jetlogic to begin your new year journey to wellness.

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