Winter Sun

Winter Sun Destinations

Desperate to escape the cold, dark Winter? Urgently in need of a vitamin D boost? Then have a look at our favourite Winter sun destinations …

Muscat, Oman

This is real Arabia and visitors to Muscat can expect to enjoy its ancient charm, traditional lifestyle and unspoilt culture.  Why not take a wander through the city’s bustling souks selling silver Bedouin jewellery, head scarves, perfume and much more?  And gain an insight into Oman’s rich history by visiting the Grand Mosque, Sultan’s Palace and Al-Mirani Fort.  Or for the sun worshippers amongst us there are several pristine beaches fringing beautiful Azure Ocean on which to relax and soak up the rays.

The Chedi Muscat is our top hotel pick where contemporary design meets traditional Omani style.  Guests are treated to stunning views of the Gulf of Oman and Hajar Mountains and with 3 pools, a wide range of dining options and the largest spa in Muscat. What’s stopping you?

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Flight time from London:  7 hours 50 mins
Suggested aircraft:  Legacy 650

Soufriere, St Lucia

As one of the most picturesque islands in the Caribbean, St Lucia has a lot more to offer than just lovely beaches.  A canopy of green blankets the mountainous interior whilst palm-fringed sandy beaches skirt the island.  Nature lovers will be in paradise here with lush rainforests, volcanoes, mineral waterfalls, fantastic dive sites, and the iconic shark tooth-like Pitons all waiting to be explored. Colourful villages such as Castries and Rodney Bay are the heartbeat of this island for those looking for lively local music, dancing and dining.

Jade Mountain is our top hotel pick in St Lucia, where guests stay in luxurious individual Sanctuaries each with its own unique design and breath-taking view of the Pitons. Each Sanctuary has an infinity pool in place of a fourth wall offering spacious freedom and mesmerising vistas out to the Caribbean Sea.

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Flight time from London:  8 hours 30 mins
Suggested aircraft:  Gulfstream G450

Goa, India

Renowned for its white sandy beaches and glittering clear ocean, Goa is an idyllic retreat for those seeking warmth in the winter.  Full of colonial charm, there is more to Goa than meets the eye.  Visitors can discover Goa’s Portuguese influences and learn about its colonial history by going to see sites such as the Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus, and the coastline is dotted with crumbling Portuguese forts which remind us of the darker side of Goa’s past.  For those looking for a bit of the exotic, there is an abundance of palm tree groves and wildlife sanctuaries where an array of birds and animals can be spotted as well as a plethora of marine wildlife to be discovered on snorkelling and diving excursions.

The Leela Goa is our top pick of hotels where luxury meets natural beauty and heritage.  Set against a backdrop of pristine beach and 75 acres of lush foliage The Leela will not disappoint those looking for the ultimate tropical getaway.

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Flight time from London:  9 hours
Suggested aircraft: Global 5000

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