Kilt Rock by Helicopter

Helicopter Tours to Isle of Skye

A helicopter tour to the Isle of Skye is one of the most magical ways to explore the island. As the largest Isle in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, Skye is known for its diverse and rugged landscape. A lot of the island’s most spectacular stops are scattered around the island, making it tough to visit all of them in a day trip.

With transportation running so infrequently (it’s not uncommon to see local hitchhiking!), a helicopter tour to the Isle of Skye is a wonderful way to take a day trip, whilst ensuring you don’t miss any of the best views or sights.

A private helicopter charter starts from approximately £6,000, allowing for a 45-minute sightseeing trip form Plockton over Skye. However, this price is dependant on helicopter availability, and we recommend you contact our team for a personalised quote.

Here’s a list of just some of the places we can take you to on Scotland’s fairy-loving island; our favourite things to do in Skye …

Fly over Kilt Rock

90-meter tall Kilt Rock and the dramatic Mealt Falls are sights worth getting your camera ready for. The giant basalt columns running along the sea cliff are famous for resembling a pleated kilt, making them a Scottish must-see! The extraordinary waterfall here cascades off the cliff edge and freefalls into a freshwater expanse on the Trotternish peninsula – emitting an impressive roar as it goes.
Although there is a picturesque point on land from which to take in these magnificent falls, it can’t be matched by the breath-taking aerial views offered by helicopter.

Marvel at The Old Man of Storr

Only 9 miles South of Kilt Rocks sits the Old Man of Storr; a large pinnacle of rock that seems to defy gravity by teetering ominously on its needle-like base. The Storr and the Trotternish Ridge that it sits atop are the remains of an ancient landslip, now popular with hikers and photographers alike.
As well as being used as the setting for the opening scene in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the Storr is also the backdrop for many of Skye’s fairy folklore tales and giant legends.

Have lunch at the Three Chimneys Restaurant

The Three Chimneys is a destination restaurant in Skye, complete with smartly dressed staff and telescope for bird, seal and star-spotting. The 100-year-old stone cottage looks across the North West of Skye, serving up candle-lit, quality island produce.
This iconic 5* hotel and restaurant has become so famous across Scotland that booking in advance is now essential.

Sample some of the local Skye whisky at the Talisker distillery

Island tours can make for thirsty work – and what’s a trip to a Scottish Island without sampling some of the country’s finest whisky? The Talisker distillery is the oldest Single Malt Scotch Whisky on the Isle of Skye. The whisky’s rugged taste is reflective of the distillery’s remote wave-smashed location and its salty, peaty notes are the perfect taste sensation for true whisky connoisseurs.
With the Jetlogic team, a private behind-the-scenes tour can be arranged to ensure you experience the distillery and its award-winning whisky at its very best.

Take a refreshing dip in the Skye Fairy Pools

The crystal waters of the Cuillin mountains make their way down Scotland’s Glen Brittle, forming beautiful turquoise lagoons and waterfalls as they go. If you want to explore these natural pools properly (or consider the possibility of a ‘magical dip’), we recommend you bring some sturdy walking shoes. Contrary to their name, the fairy pools of Skye have no direct stories connected to these curious little people and acquired the name simply based on their enchanting appearance.

Brush up on your history at Dunvegan Castle

Dunvegan Castle is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland. Originally built in the 13th century as a 4-storey tower house, it was completely remodelled in the 1800’s and is now an impressive coastal fortress. Perched on the summit of a 50-foot rock, the large structure is steeped in history and its gardens offer a green alternative to the rest of Skye’s weather-battered landscape.

Hunt for dragons at Neist Point

Let us introduce you Neist point (also known as the Dragon’s Tail). Famous for its resemblance to the tail of a dragon, it’s a remarkable stopping point for lovers of mythical creatures and tales of times gone by. Located on the most westerly tip of Skye, the distinctive peninsula is also home to one of Scotland’s most famous lighthouses.
The rock formations are so like those of Northern Ireland’s famous Giant’s Causeway, that it is said that they extend under the sea from Northern Ireland to the Isle of Skye. A bird’s-eye view is the best way to truly experience the dragon sighting, alongside admiring the lighthouse’s dramatic cliff-top location.

Explore the Fairy Glen, Uig

Skye’s relationship with mythical creatures is a magical one, filled with stories of fairy queens, kelpies and princesses. Despite most of these tales coming from the Dunvegan Castle area, it’s no surprise that the unique cone-shaped farmland next to Uig has become a famous location to regale tales of fairies – earning itself the title of Fairy Glen.

This bumpy, off-the-beaten-track site is decorated by stone spirals (fairy rings) that the locals regularly try to remove to return the Glen in its natural state. It’s possible to clamber to the top of one of the taller hills of the glen, where you’ll find a large rock that resembles a ruined castle. This ‘castle’ has earned itself the title ‘Castle Ewan’. There is a small cave underneath Castle Ewan where people believe pressing a coin into the cracks in the rock will bring good luck. For a truly otherworldly experience, we recommend you experience this location just as the sun set below the hills.

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Our helicopter service provides a convenient and versatile travel experience. Avoid traffic congestion and visit multiple locations from our list in one day! Get in touch and let us help you begin planning your unique Scottish travel adventure.

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