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Pet Air Travel Regulations

Hoping to bring your French Bulldog along for a family holiday to Courchevel, but don’t know how to get them there easily? Or perhaps you’re relocating for work, and don’t want the hassle of flying your Dachshund commercially?

We understand that pets are often subject to problems in terms of air transport. However, a private jet charter provides you with the luxury to travel with your pet by your side. At jetlogic, we make sure that flying with your pets around the world is simple, so that you and your companion arrive at your destination stress-free.

Each country has their own set of pet air travel regulations and rules. The jetlogic team works closely with operators, airports and other agencies to ensure that the process of flying with your pet is as straightforward and transparent as possible in each location.

pet air travel regulations

What to expect when flying with pets

Pre-Departure: While each country has their own specific requirements for pet travel, many do require a “fit-to-fly” examination within 72 hours of take-off that must be performed by a registered veterinarian. Our charter specialists will help to make sure you’re informed of all the requirements and your travel arrangements are taken care of.

It is also recommended that you limit your pets food consumption 4-6 hours prior to take off to minimise the risk of motion sickness and ensure a comfortable flight.

Day of Departure: When flying with pets on a private charter, you will usually arrive at an FBO where you and your pet will be greeted by the flight crew. A final check of your pet’s travel documentation is generally done at this stage prior to boarding. You will then board as usual, except your pet will be safely by your side as you walk into the cabin. 

On Arrival: Each country has specific arrival procedures, which our knowledgeable team will assist you in to ensure they are all complied with. Generally, your pet’s microchip will be scanned and all your paperwork reviewed. Once all these checks have been made, you and your pet are free to go and enjoy the world. 

Make sure to take your pet on a walk soon after landing to help them get back to normal and acquainted with their new environment. 

Which pets can fly on a private jet?

Many private jets are privately owned, either by an individual or business, who need to give their approval to allow pets in the cabin. When booking your charter, let jetlogic know of any four-legged friends who will be joining you on the journey, and we will be able to advise of the most suitable aircraft to accommodate you and your pet.

Flying with cats and dogs is relatively straightforward. Depending on their size and the type of aircraft, in most cases, they can accompany you in the cabin without any issues. 

Travelling with exotic, aquatic or large animals may present more of a challenge, as they are often subject to stricter pet air travel regulations. Not only that, but there are practical considerations such as space and their care. For larger animals it is important to make sure that there is enough space on the aircraft for them to travel comfortably and ensure their safety.

Every pet is unique. Some animals may not be best suited for travelling by air, becoming uncomfortable, anxious or restless when flying in a confined space for a prolonged period of time. Your pet’s well-being is of the utmost importance, so we always recommend making an appointment with your veterinarian before booking your private charter to make sure they’re fit to fly. 

What do I need for travelling with my pet?

Unfortunately, there are no standard pet air travel regulations around the world. While rules for flying with cats and dogs tend to be similar across the globe, each country does have their own set of requirements. There are a few things you will need as standard in order to travel with your pet such as:

  • A valid pet passport to confirm your pet’s routine health checks are up to date
  • Identification that shows the date of their microchip
  • Valid vaccinations dependent on countries of arrival and departure

Moreover, not all airports are authorised points of entry for pets into a country. Depending on where you are flying to and from, when booking your flight you may need to provide some extra information about the pets that will be travelling with you. Our team will be able to confirm if your arrival and destination airports will accept your pet and which documentation is required to gain entry to your chosen country.

Whether you have a cat, dog, bird or reptilian companion, provided your pet is healthy and all their documentation is correct and up to date, they are usually more than welcome to join you on a private charter. 

For travel to the UK, you will need:
  • A valid pet passport (or third-country veterinary certificate) showing the date and number of your pet’s microchip
  • Ensure that the microchip is an IOS 11784 compliant device and your contact details registered with an official veterinarian prior to your travels
  • A rabies vaccination 21 days before entering the UK 
  • For dogs, a tapeworm treatment must be given no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours (5 days) before entering the UK, which must be recorded in your pet’s passport
  • Original documents must be presented, no photocopies will be accepted by customs
  • Your pet must also be at least three months old to travel
To travel to Europe, you will need:
  • A valid pet passport (or third-country veterinary certificate) showing the date and number of your pet’s microchip
  • Cats, dogs and ferrets can travel freely between EU member states if they have an EU pet passport
  • A rabies vaccination 21 days before arriving in Europe 
  • Dogs must be treated against tapeworm to access the UK, Ireland, Finland or Malta
  • Additional documents might be needed when flying to designated airports outside of the EU, or if you travel with other types of pets
To travel to the US, you will need:
  • A valid pet passport showing the date and number of your pet’s microchip
  • Ensure that the microchip is an IOS 11784 compliant device and your contact details registered with an official veterinarian prior to your travels
  • Dogs must have a valid rabies vaccination certificate, unless they are arriving from a rabies-free country  
  • A vaccination card or certificate displaying your pet’s rabies vaccination, including the vaccine’s manufacturer, batch number and expiration
  • Pets must be at least 8 week old
  • Each state has its own rules, which may differ from federal regulations, so make sure to check with USDA and CDC which additional requirements apply

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Book your pet-friendly charter

Let jetlogic provide an unparalleled travel experience for you and your beloved pet. 

Get in touch with our team of experts who will offer the solution best suited to you and your pet’s needs. We will assist you in checking the required documents for your flight and destination to ensure a smooth journey.

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